Gigabyte and Biostar Also Announce Overclocking on H87 and B85 Motherboards

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May 18, 2011
If I have the money to buy K CPU(assuming Intel only release i5/i7 K only), I would be able to afford Z87. Unless someone can some how allow all other lock CPU to run on 125Mhz BCLK, there is no WOW factor.


Jul 9, 2013
I dont think so guys its just marketing i mean i look at cheapest b85 and some have vrm cooling and 4 power phases then i look at entry z87 cause lets be honest i cant afford 200$ z87 i will never pay as much for a board as a cpu/gpu thats just lame marketing which drove prices for high end boards so high,you can overclock with less too ~120$ boards will do.So the entry z87's have vrm cooling and same 4 power phase design the only difference being z87 southbridge vs b85/h87 southbridge and the southbridge never matters for overcloking it only matters for more bios Oc features of the chip,but for most budget of us a moderate oc is enough,like 4670k 4.3-4.4 thats more than enough,anything higher and i would first need 100$+ closed loop watercooling then more powerphases and stuff.
So why isnt anyone testing these unlocked b85/h87 yet?i asked on other forum too they seem scared of blowing motherboards LoL on that one,if a b85/h87 board can handle 4670/4770k turbo 3.8 they surely can a moderate OC they wont blow up rofl...been using cheapo amd boards and pushed my phenom to 4ghz even if the chip is bad lottery with 3 or 4 power phases and no vrm cooling nothing blew up so far.
I dont have good psu/cooling why wouldi buy z87 overpriced board i wont get more than 4.4-4.5 anyway.. so i really hope you guys gonna test some of these boards i really wanna buy a 70$ b85 with a 4670k by end of this month.



True, but Asrock address that concern with their 8-phase H87 motherboard; the Asrock Fatal1ty H87 Performance costs less than the Asrock Z87 Extreme3, which is the cheapest of their Z87 boards with 8 power phases.
Just another excuse for Biostar to cheap out even more on their motherboards...

The problem is people are gonna buy these chipsets and then blow up the caps in a matter of days. The days of cheap as hell celeron OCing on cheap as hell mobos are over.

We are working with much smaller units of power than the older systems, margin for error is now a lot smaller.

I don't have a problem with it, BUT they are doing it retroactively, for hardware ALREADY purchased. And THAT bothers me. Should have just been for coming hardware.
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