Review Gigabyte Aorus 15X Review: Brawny Raptor Lake, Laggard RTX 4070

Thanks a lot for the benchies on this laptop.

This here: "The laptop had trouble pulling away from the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, which uses a GeForce RTX 3070 Ti running at a slightly higher 2560 x 1600 resolution" is what worries me with most Intel laptops nowadays: they're using so much power to run the CPU faster that it will affect the power budget of the GPUs for thinner designs (and you can consider this one on the thinner side).

Mind you, I see this also happening to AMD if they just crank the power up with the new Zen4-based CPUs on mobile, but the fact AMD can forgo higher power limits in favour of the GPU taking it will probably be noticeable this time around. If will use the "just plug it in" defense, then why the hell are you buying a laptop in the first place? XD

Anyway, I think the 4070 is just not being able to stretch its legs further. Or I hope that is the case... Same performance at same TDP with a way better node wouldn't look good on nVidia, but I know that is just not the case, so it has to be power-throttled.

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The thing I dislike the most about gaming laptops, are the poor cooling designs, which invariably cause throttling on some level. The next thing I dislike the most, is that the screens are often overkill for the GPU provided. The GPU's are mostly midrange (Despite all the numbers being thrown at consumers) and certainly can't touch 240hz/FPS in modern games, let alone 1080p. (Caveat, yes, I'm aware some games, and older ones may get stupid FPS).

Remarkably though, the teardown and expose pic of the innards, is literally an exact copy of the layout of my own 3 year old gaming laptop. From battery placement, ssd, wifi card, fan placement, and heat pipes. My HP Omen 15 from 2020 has a GTX1660ti which was faster in ever respect than the 2060 Max Q.

IIRC, there are one or two companies that provide the basis for of many manufacturers in terms of chassis design and cooling performance? They need to think bigger and actually improve thermals in these things.

For once I'd just like a well balanced machine with equal CPU/GPU power, and a screen panel with built in G-sync module to match the power of the rest of the system. That would be perfect for me.

Gripe over :tearsofjoy:
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The desktop 4000 series gets more disappointing performance wise the further down the stack you go imo. I am not at all surprised by this behavior performance wise for a mobile variant. You have a cut down underclocked GPU in laptops marketed as the same as their higher performing desktop 'siblings' and the performance drop off is usually pretty bad historically speaking particularly as you reach the 50/60 mobile skus...AND add that to how much worse the 4000 series already is for performance drop off (both released and rumored). I wouldn't be surprised if we see RTX 4060 desktops SKUs that barely ahead RTX 3060s when DLSS is off for both. So things are not boding well for low to mid-range gaming laptop market.
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Jul 4, 2006
Something seems off with these numbers. Why is the Alienware SO much weaker than the Lenovo? Given that the specs listed here are identical, they should be more alike than the Aorus. Is the Lenovo an over achiever, or is the Alienware underperforming? ..Or is there a typo in the specs?