Question gigabyte aorus pro wifi S/PDIF question


Mar 23, 2019
hello I just upgraded to this motherboard (gigabyte aorus pro wifi) which has a S/PDIF connection. I thought (or felt) that it should be great for my home theater system , as it could run in full surround sound, (or so I thought) however this isn't the case, it seems all I can get is a stereo signal . I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong . if I use the digital cable I only get sound from left/right and sub. however if I use a y cable (RCA connection white/black to a single 3.5 jack I plug into the speaker out (green output) I get sound from all speakers. I use a Samsung Blue Ray player that is connected directly threw a S/PDIF cable. Ive searched for last couple days for a solution, assuming there even is one. I just thought and felt that digital audio would be at least 5.1 capable. it was one of the small things that made me decide on this board, (got tired of all the wires etc from speakers and whatnot) if anyone knows the solution or can just tell me with certainty I'm SOL as the S/PDIF is only 2.1.. but I just cant see that being true, but if it is .. well maybe there is some sort of solution to get the surround to work, either threw certain apps etc.. anyway any help would be great . rest of my system is in signature