Question Gigabyte Aorus z390 WIFI PRO: can't sync AIO RGB fans and Case RGB

May 26, 2022
Hello guys, I need your help.

I can't sync or control colors of RGB on both my AIO fans and case.

Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus z390 WIFI PRO.

Case: Pure Base 500DX - RGB works well in a standalone mode, but when I sync (by holding controller button for 3 seconds) it with my motherboard, nothing happens, it stays the same.

AIO: Arctic Liquid Freezer II - 360 A-RGB - fans work only in blue color that doesn't change no matter what I do.

Both connected via 3-pin connectors.
I also have an old RGB strip that I used for testing, it connects to a 4-pin connector. It synchronizes with the motherboard and RGB fusion perfectly for some reason.

Tried resetting bios, reinstalling RGB Fusion.
can't sync or control colors of RGB
if your aRGB devices are definitely connected to 3pin aRGB headers and aRGB settings are applied within the software then i would guess it is just an issue with Gigabyte's Fusion.
i've seen a few reports lately of users having issues with syncing & connecting devices after one of the latest updates.

sadly these types of problems have been fairly common with different motherboard control software having LED issues for different devices.

check Gigabyte forums for others having similar issues recently and you should be able to tell for sure if it just a current software problem or if it may be a deeper problem with your motherboard detecting aRGB devices.
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