Question GIGABYTE B450m DS3H Won't Start With 4 Ram Sticks


Mar 2, 2018
Hi All,

So I purchased a motherboard bundle back earlier this year to upgrade my dads setup. It came with :
  1. Ryzen 5 3600x
  2. GIGABYTE B450m DS3H
  3. 16GB of Adata XPG Gammix D10 ram 3000MHz(2x8gb)
  4. Bios Version F50
I recently realised the ram was faster than my 32gb Kingston HyperXFury Black 2666MHz(4x8gb)(ALL IDENTICAL STICKS hx426c16fb2k2/16 FROM 2 KITS. Same timings, same brand, speed) on my B450 AORUS Elite, so I swapped the ram, bought 2 more of the Adata and now I have 32GB of Adata RAM. I also swapped the 3600x with my 1600x, since my dad doesn't really play the newest of new games and plays slightly older titles. His PC Specs now are the following:

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 1600x
  2. GIGABYTE B450m DS3H
  3. 32gb Kingston HyperXFury Black 2666MHz (ISSUE)
  4. Bios Version F50
This is where things get weird. I put the sticks of my Kingston HyperXFury into my dads pc (1 by 1 of course and testing booting after installing each stick). It works perfectly fine with 2 sticks (putting him back at 16gb just lower MHz.) However the board for some reason just doesn't post with 4 sticks. In theory, everything is supposed to be compatible, but the pc won't boot when the 4 sticks are in. All lights turn on, mouse turns on, fans turn on, gpu turns on, but no signal is sent to the monitor. 3 sticks is pointless as it registers 24GB Ram but only 8GB useable (16gb hardware reserved). I've tested all 4 slots (all work). I've tested all 4 sticks individually (all work). I've tested XMP on and off, upgraded BIOS to f60c (was buggy as its beta) and downgraded to F51.

I'm not sure what to do, I've seen a very very similar thread someone else posted on this forum, but in his case he had 4 sticks he purchased separately. I got 2 kits together of same brand, speed, timings (CL).

The only thing I haven't done is touch ram voltage or anything like that, its all set to auto.

What I'm thinking to test tomorrow morning is:
  1. Install all 4 sticks of my Adata XPG Gammix D10 into the B450m DS3H and see if it posts.
  2. If (1) doesn't work then clear CMOS and try again
From the manual this is what is said about ram:

I'm not sure if I'm missing anything or somethings bad? The HyperXFury being two kits, I purchased them together and they've worked perfectly fine on my old AB350 Pro 4 mobo as well as my new B450 AORUS Elite mobo. This GIGABYTE mobo is still fresh and I dust it regularly so its not dirty or anything. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Is it related to ram voltage or anything like that?