Question Gigabyte BIOS not recognizing keyboard except for Ctrl Alt Delete

Aug 22, 2019
I'm having a big problem. I'll give you the preceding details: I was trying to install windows ten, it encountered some sort of file error and it restarted. My drive is now split into partitions and it stopped recognizing my USB stick as a boot source.
I went into my BIOS and tried to move some settings around. In the Save and Exit tab I hit a button that said something along the lines of 'reset to recommended settings'. The keyboard no longer affects the bios, none of the keys that should do things do anything at all, and the bios no longer proceeds to boot, it just stays on the bios splash. The weird thing is, when in the bios, ctrl alt delete makes the computer restart even though the keyboard doesn't even acknowledge capslock.
I have tried removing the battery to reset the CMOS. I have tried moving the keyboard to every different USB port, front and back of desktop.
Does anyone have any ideas?


Win 10 Master
what motherboard do you have?

have you tried another keyboard?

if you reset cmos it should have started PC back into bios on startup so you could reset defaults.might be why its only loading to flash screen now.

ctrl alt del is a special key combo for the ATX standard, so it is sort of hard wired.