Gigabyte bios update



What do the different bios letters mean on the gigabyte CPU support list for am3+
Those letters/numbers in the far right column refer to the version of BIOS that supports that technology. For instance, if your motherboard lists your processor and has F4, then your BIOS version must be F4 (or later) to support all the functions of the CPU. Or, in the case of this motherboard, GA-880GM-UD2H (rev. 1.5), the only BIOS version available from Gigabyte is FA - so all of the CPU's listed are supported by that board without a BIOS update. They are simply BIOS versions, Gigabyte uses a different numbering/lettering system than most. You'll find the various BIOS versions for each motherboard under the downloads/BIOS tab for that motherboard.
Hope it helps