Question Gigabyte Boot Loop (No POST), No Bios


Apr 24, 2009
My system was getting a Windows update and lost power while restarting. I think that this corrupted the Main BIOS and the backup BIOS was either previously corrupted or also corrupted. Specs Below

*Product CategoryMotherboard
*Model NameGA-Z97X-SOC Force(rev.1.0)
BIOS Ver.???
CPU ModelIntel i7-4790k
Memory BrandCorsair
Memory Part No.CMY16GX3M2A1600C9
Memory Size16gb
Power Supply1000
Operating SystemWin 10 64-bit

I have now breadboarded the system with only board, CPU, Ram, and Keyboard. I get no POST, I don't get any POST beeps, and no post costs on the digital number display. The system will turn on, the red LED will be lit for M Bios, 5 secs goes by, and shuts down. The cycle continues with B Bios LED lit, and then back and forth between Bios on dual bios mode. Switching to single Bios, the board will power on and stay running, but without POST, or BIOS screen.

I do not get any type of screen input, it just stays black so I don't get any BIOS screen at all so can't Qflash a BIOS update or revision.

I have tested the PSU with a jumper and PSU runs without issues, although I have not traded it out for a known good PSU. PSU is a 1000W Seasonic, so I find it unlikely that it failed, especially with the Windows update.

I have also used the clear CMOS button, Bios Reset button, clear CMOS button, basically all the OC buttons on the baord and manually taken out the battery and unplugged the power supply overnight, and still get nothing for a BIOS.

I have pulled out the 2 ram staicks and reseated in the alternative Dimm slots and back again.

Any help and or ideas?