Gigabyte drivers download process

Dec 29, 2018
Anyone know how to properly download and install drivers via Gigabyte website? I do not have a disc reader/bay installed and do not plan on putting one so I cannot use the provided DVD/disc that came with the MB.

I watched a decent number of videos on updating the BIOS so I will do it once I get some time. I seen one video that the guy (Carey Holzman via YouTube) recommended that you should update/flash BIOS right away before installing the OS. Will I be OK to update BIOS even though I have installed the OS and used the computer for about 2 + weeks now? Also, I went to Gigabyte website and had some trouble actually installing the drivers to my PC. For example, I downloaded the INF and installed it easily, even required restart, but when I did the Intel management engine interface it would only put the download in my download file under file explorer. I double clicked it and then "extract all" but nothing happened. Tried to browse it manually to update via device manager but it kept saying windows has the best drivers already installed even after I highlight that updated driver via browse and hit next. I had to go into device manager and manually browse my computer to apply the VGA that normal? Sorry to ask so many questions but I'm such a darn noob at this stuff! LOL. Thanks again for all your help!

In regards to file explorer downloads can anyone explain what extract means? Extract all means? Why it does not just download and install all in one linear process? What about a compressed file? Thanks!

i3 8100
Gigabyte B360M DS3H
Inland 240 GB SSD
Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 16 GB RAM 8 x2
No dedicated GPU at this time

Why Is File Compression Important on the Internet?

Files downloaded from Gigabyte normally are compressed but contain a self-extracting executable file (.exe), that decompresses the download.

It sounds like you already had the Intel Management Engine installed. Try Windows Update and that will keep your PC up to date.

BIOS section contains a Description of what the BIOS is for. BIOS updates for Intel 9th Gen Core Processors (9000 CPU) are not necessary if your using 8th Gen i3 8100 CPU.