Jun 5, 2007

I think my mobo is running quite hotter than it should. I know the DS3 runs a bit hot but let me know what you think.

Speedfan 4.32:

Idle - 47/48ºC
Load - high 50s

This is Temp1.
Also, what is Temp2?? It usually idles at around 23-27ºC.
The cores are running cool I think, between 25-29ºC at idle and mid 40s under load.

My spec is:

C2D E4300 @ 3.0Ghz (333*9 no voltage change)
Gigabyte DS3 Rev. 2
Antec P180
XFX GeForce 8800GTS 640Mb
2Gb Kingston Value Ram 667Mhz
Scythe Ninja Rev. B (w/artic silver ceramique)
2x WD Caviar 80Gb Sata2
Samsung Spinpoint T 500Gb Sata2
Creative X-Fi Gamer
NEC AD-7173A dvd burner
2 Noctua SF-12 1200 rpm (one blowing the WD drives and the other mounted on the heatsink both running at ~600rpm)
2x Antec TriCool for top and rear exhaust (low setting)


Oct 9, 2006
Core temps are all relative to your ambient temp. It's only really useful for someone to tell you their temps if they also give you an idea how hot their room is, where in the world they live etc.

In the winter here in the UK my C2D idled at 28/29 degrees and got no higher than mid 40's under however in the summer my idle temp is around 36/37 degrees and load temps go around 55 degrees. Last night I ran dual prime 95 and it stabilised at 65 degrees yet here I was in the winter bragging about my low temps!

Setup in sig plus two 9cm outlet fans and 1 12cm inlet fan to case.

PS - Dont quote me on this but your above Temp1 looks like the CPU temp and Temp2 looks like the board / ambient case temp.