Gigabyte " Easy Tune" overclocking function


Jun 9, 2008
I've got this function on my Gigabyte ep45-ds3l motherboard...and it's supposed to be an easy ( noob) way to overclock and get a bit of better performance...I'm not looking to go and max the machine but wouldn't mind pushing it a bit more wothout having to go out and get extra cooling items.

The board specs are here...

I'd be interested if anyone who has this board can advise me re using this has 5 or so settings...starting from " cruise " then next step up is "speed" and it obviously goes to a higher overclock setting for the next 3 stages...

Does this function adjust the fsb and vcores by itself ?

It's advertised as an oveclocking tool...

These are my specs and I haven't touched anything other than the fan speed fix on the 4850 at the moment...

Intel E8400
Gigabyte 4850 GPU
500gig Seagate HD
4 gig Corsair XMS 4-4-4-12 ( 4 lots of 1 gig)
650 true power PSU
ICute case with a huge fan on the side
Gigabyte ep45-ds3l M/B as stated above

Keen to know if anyone with a GIgabyte motherboard with these features ( must be on all the newer boards as well by now ) has used their built in overclocking tool.

Cheers all.



Jul 26, 2008
It's dynamic overclocking - software. It does work. Try 5-10%. The program takes over for you. When you're getting ambitious, you'll want static overclocking - bios.


Personally I ONLY overclock CPUs via the BIOS.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to really OC your CPU via the BIOS and don't let the software do it for you as you have no idea what the software is adjusting.

Heard more than a few horror stories about OCing gone wrong with software.