Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 CPU fan plug failure


Aug 2, 2007
This is really weird, but my CPU fan operates intermittently.
I came home the other day and the CPU fan had stopped running and coretemp was telling me the temps in my Q6600 were 100C. I turned it off and had to leave for the weekend and came back tonight and started fiddling with it. Turns out the fan doesn't start immedatley and I hear the CPU fan failure buzz just after post and then the CPU Fan starts up. Then while its loading windows it'll buzz on and off with the CPU fan coming to a stop and then starting up again. Not good.
So I switched out fans with my old Celeron D fan, because they are the same. Same thing. Buzzing on and off with CPU fan coming to a stop and starting again, on and off. I switched the CPU fan to the System Fan plug and switched my system fan (3 wire plug) to the cpu fan. The CPU fan now runs at 2300rpm constantly and the system fan runs according to CPU temperature.

What I'd like to find out is if this is a failure on the Intel fan or something wrong with the mboard, and how to do that. I updated the bios tonight, its at F12. No idea whats going on here...

BTW I went to frys today and the AirLink101 Wireless card for $10 works (good) in XP64. Drivers are on the CD. Just FYI.

Gigabyte GA-965P-S3
1GB Patriot Ram
AGI 550W Power Supply
AirLink101 Wireless card
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Jan 8, 2006
i think i know whats wrong. go into bios, go to pc health i think is the option. its the second to the bottom on the left side. disable the smart fan options. there about 3 or 4 of them. disable all of them. also, you may want to disable the C1E and EIST options under the other section of the bios.

the ds3 (and im sure the s3) board is kinda funny with the cpu fan for the first couple seconds of boot. but after about 5 seconds, it will go steady if you disable the smart fan options. let us know how it works


Feb 2, 2006
There's nothing wrong with your motherboard or CPU fan aaron. By default it only turns on once it has reached a certain temperature. In other words its using a thermal sensor to monitor whether the fan is needed or not.

Like Choco said though, there are other options in the bios if you dont like your fan not being on when its cool.

Dont feel bad I also thought my mobo fan header wasnt working correctly when I put my new system together.
I manually set my fan to run at max in the bios. And later did some trouble shooting on the Gigabyte website, and found there was nothing wrong with it. I have mine running on the default setting again and it works great IMO.


May 31, 2004
That's all well and good, but the second sentence of his post would lead me to believe that something is amiss. Unless of course you think that Gigabyte set the threshold for activating the fan @100c. I think that is doubtful, what about you? Now Gigabyte might say there is nothing wrong with it, but I would be inclined to discount their defense because 100c is too hot, no matter who says it's OK.
I came home the other day and the CPU fan had stopped running and coretemp was telling me the temps in my Q6600 were 100C.

Gigabyte's Easytune utility will let you set temperature and RPM threshholds. Maybe a glitch or something set them to unreasonable values. It's true that the fan not starting for a few seconds after power-up is normal.

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