[SOLVED] Gigabyte ga-970 Gaming SLI m.2 compatibility


May 22, 2018
I cant find out what m.2 drives will fit in my motherboard. On the gigabyte site it says my motherboard's m.2 is PCie Gen2 x4 but I cant figure out which drive would fit. I used pcpartpicker for compatibility and it showed me two different types of m.2 drives that were compatible but im not sure if its correct or not. im not sure if some of these are backwards compatible or not so thats why im making this post. just trying to clarify and have some reassurance. i will show the m.2's i was looking at down below.
(if you need more information for something i will reply quick so it wont take long. thanks in advance)

XPG SX6000 Lite M.2 2280

Kingston A400 240G SATA M.2 2280