Gigabyte GA-970a-UD3 BIOS Flashing Issue.


Aug 8, 2011
Hey Everybody

Well basically I'm having a problem with my Motherboard. I attempted to Flash the BIOS on the Motherboard to upgrade it. That seemed to work fine, but I then went to reboot the machine and that's when the problems start happening. Basically, I will boot the machine, POST will be carried out, and Windows 7 will begin to load.

Windows 7 will get to the "Starting Windows" screen, begin the little animation of the different coloured balls spinning around to make the Windows logo, but will blue screen for half a second, and will then reboot.

Now I'd understand that I would most likely have to purchase a new Motherboard usually, but the board has the DualBIOS feature built in.

My questions are as followed:

1. How do I carry out the DualBIOS feature (I cannot find anything in the Motherboard's manual about how to do this)

2. Is there any reason as to why DualBIOS is not taking action to allow my machine to boot properly?

3. Surely if I had flashed the BIOS improperly the machine would not even get past POST?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Go into your BIOS and make sure your SATA mode is set correctly. I recommend setting to IDE mode and trying again. System should boot just fine then unless there is another problem.

Good luck!