Question Gigabyte GA-990AX-UD3 rev3.0 bios???


Mar 19, 2010
I have a 990AX-UD3 rev3.0. It is running BIOS "FD". I did have a FX6300 with not too many problems on it and changed it to a FX8350. Now the sysstem needs to be throttled from the bis end - I have turned down the Vcore to stop it running too hot and switching off.

Normal temps can be anywhere from 27 - 34 deg C. Under load it goes up to 55 to 62 when it switched off or I get a BSOD.

I have been looking for BIOS update. On the Gigabyte site the FX8350 is mentioned next to BIOS version "FB". They also have a version FEh for download.

Does anyone know whether a FX8350 will run differently / better on BIOS FB or FEh???


To be frank, that lineup of processors(the FX) are something that AMD wished they never came up with. Although the board's socket might accept the processor and that the suport list might have it but the VRM area on that board, even for the highest end boards, struggled to tame anything in the 8000 series(let alone the 9000 series).

FYI, the latest BIOS version I see for download is FDk, so I'm either worried you have the version for the PCB/motherbaord wrong or you're looking at another board's support site.

And no, you're on a latter BIOS update than the FB, the FB in the support list means that if you have the minimum BIOS of FB then you can drop in a FX-8000 series processor.

I'd ask you to stop dropping resources into that build and get an entry level Ryzen platform, much more energy efficient and better at doing things, when compared to what you have.