GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5 AMD 900 Series Motherboard

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I've got the GA-990FXA-UD3 running BIOS F5 -- there is a beta F6 floating around.

In order to avoid frustration you should flash each chip of the dual BIOS with the same BIOS version! It's a simple process found in the manual or lookee here. It will make tweaking much more enjoyable.

Everything works just dandy. I run 2 external 5-bay HDD enclosures off the 2xeSATA using the port-multiplier. It has unlocked an X3 Rana and PhII 555, and clocked a PhII 965 to 4GHz+ without difficulty, in spite of an Antec Earthwatts 650w with a ripple issue. I haven't Crossfired anything but I assume it will function as spec'ed.

I boot to an OCZ Agility SSD in less than 20 seconds -- it's got plenty of fan headers. I can't speak to the thru-put of the USB3.

Early revisions have VDroop and don't offer LLC -- fixed in updated versions. I'll wait for BD-II and a serious price drop in a year or so before going AM3+.

Sleeps at 5w and wakes without issue -- I'm using it to stream media ...



Nov 10, 2011
sorry to bump, but I've got probs in my BIOS with this board. Everything is running fine for the most part guys but I cannot get my extra slave HDDs to be detected BUT more importantly the majority of my BIOS settings are locked! (blued out) I cannot select any (except a few) options! Why are the options locked, I had setup a password, and also entered it upon entering my BIOS. So I dont know if its a security issue.
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