Question Gigabyte ga-b150m-sc-si

Jun 6, 2023
I bought two old motherboards on ebay, a gigabyte ga-b150m-sc-si and a ga-b150m-d3vx-si both rev 1.1. The problem is that these take forever to P.O.S.T and I was trying to update the bios but can't find support for these motherboards anywhere. Gigabyte support was unhelpful and said the si stands for oem system itegration and I should contact seller. The seller just says they are gigabyte original. The bios currently installed is a beta bios f20b 4/20/2017 by american megatrends. I am new to forum and apologize if I have done something incorrectly. Please help thank you


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If Gigabyte have abandoned support for the motherboard, then you need to look at third party, unreliable site. IMHO, I'd return the motherboards and pick up something that doesn't need a bespoke support system since SI's will have internal communications and support from the board makers themselves, which you don't have.