Gigabyte GA-ma69sh3 wont power up, pleae help!!


Sep 14, 2006
Ok so im putting together a nice little budget system for my parents which consists of the following components

Gigabyte GA-ma69sh3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ Brisbane
2gigs Crucial Ballistix ddr800 4-4-4-12
160gig Samsung Spinpont
Samsung dvd/cdr-w
Coolermaster Centurion 5
Antec Earthwatts 430w

Ive already returned one motherboard that didn't work, so Im on my second one and I am having the same trouble. I installed everything and press the power button and it doesn't turn on. I used the process of elimination, trying different power supply, cases switches, tried the cpu and memory on a known good system....etc Everything checks out, so the problem has to be something to do with the mobo. So I was fooling around with it trying everything I could think of and I finally got it to start up, I removed the Cmos battery and cleared the Cmos and it finally starts up, it POSTS and everything looks ok, but i do get a weird message that says something like K8 NPT Data change… Update New Data to DMI, then it says something like using default settings and then windows XP boots up normally. But when i restarted and put the Cmos battery back in, I got the same trouble with the system not turning on at all, sometimes clearing the Cmos and removing the battery works and other it till wont start up?? Does anyone have any ideas, because im really getting frustrated with this motherboard!!!! Thanks in advance for any help.


Nov 20, 2007
It sounds to me (since you already did all the toubleshooting yourself) that you purchased a bad spree of motherboards out from manufacturer. I bet both of those motherboards had the same LOT number meaning close serial numbers and it was just a bad batch of motherboards. I would suggest cut your frustrations and go with a different mobo all together. Try MSI, or even pc chips. Since it's a budget computer I would get a high end mobo from a budget company like pc chips, or epox.



Try it outside the case, with the minimum to get it to POST (CPU, 1 stick of RAM, video card).

If it does start, then you screwed up somewhere during the assembly


Sep 2, 2007
hello i have the same mobo and i got the same massage every time it post with the massage of "K8 NPT updating to dmi" i still cant fix this issue maybe its normal !!when i firs installed it i was in totally rush " yes i didn't powered up at the first time , after investigation
1-pws wires of the case was in wrong place so i test it by shorting the two pin in the rid colored pins "it is shown in you're motherboard manual "
its work

for you chick that if you remove the jumper from the clear Cmos pins"CI"