Question Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 will not POST (board had previous bios issue) ?


Jul 1, 2015
Okay so it might be a long shot here but i got the board non-working and it was stuck in a power cycle loop on for a sec or two then it would switch back off then rinse and repeat I cleared the CMOS to attempt to reset the bios since it is a dual bios board it stopped cycling but still no post but after connecting a case speaker it would set off a series of continuous short beeps which according to the manual indicates power error. I reflash the bios anyways (using a ch134a programmer) with a known correct bios (Gigabytes Fg1 bios). After flashing the bios, the power error beep went away but it still won't post

Update: After testing other bios flashes it seems that the power cycle issue returns with Bios FF and Bios FH but not the bios release that is in between which is Bios FG1)

Video showing how board reacts to bios FH

All of this is very odd to me that a board would start power cycling after changing through different bios updates.

System specs:
Gigabyte Ga-x58a-Ud3r v2 motherboard
Xeon e5640 and tested with i7-920
8gb ecc Memory ( Im actually unsure if the motherboard supports ECC memory I dont have normal Dimms to test)
Known working gtx745 graphics card
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