Aug 19, 2017
Home built system, built in 2017, has worked well in graphics and 2nd Life environment. (Specs follow.) It hangs up now and won't fully boot. I can't even bring up the BIOS. The monitor tells me that it is not receiving a signal. Please, everyone, I humbly ask for help. I don't want to just throw parts at this. If more info is needed, I'll provide it.

The situation: This morning, accompanied by nasty shouting, my daughter reported that her computer had refused to boot up.
(1) Smell of salt water. (But my daughter's room resembles a swamp in a room full of cats, so . . . Her software and file management also resemble a swamp. )
(2) Smell of ozone. (Seldom a good sign; I also smelled it.)
(3) Backlit keyboard and mouse flash.
(4) No display on LCD monitor.

Attempts to diagnose/fix, over the space of several hours:
(5) Reviewed the Gigabyte manual in PDF.
(6) Inspection shows no obvious sources of ozone, e.g., burned connections. (This has happened on other computers.)
(7) Multiple attempts to reboot show 6F post code. (I won't call that an error code because Gigabyte's 2016 and later guidance says 6F is "reserved," and 6F seems to indicate that the BIOS is checking the status of memory. Never the less, that's where it sticks.)
(8) Internet searches show others have had the 6F issue, some with related stuff. Some solutions involve bad RAM sticks. (bF is harder to find.) I safely turn off power (turnoff, unplug, remove battery, discharge), remove the RAM and try to reboot with one stick, then both but in different positions. One stick fails with a 55 code (I think) one time. Changing orientation has no effect. (Always in dual channel, slots blown out with canned air.)
(9) I reset the CMOS and the BIOS using the buttons on the upper right of the motherboard. No effect. Replaced CMOS battery with no effect.
(10) I relocated the graphics card to the next lowest slot. No effect.

Usage had been 18 to 24 hours daily in dusty indoor conditions since it was built. Apart from some power-down boot looping which I fixed 2 years ago, nothing serious has gone wrong until now.

Weird, possibly unrelated "features." One of the motherboard's network cable plugs has always been dead. Sound quit working about 6 months ago, but this could be from daughter's messing up settings.

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboard, socket 1151, number under the bar code is I/I/ G8A098 00445
Purchased Feb 2017.
RAID 1 (unless I bollixed that up when I reset the BIOS).
EVGA Supernova 1000 P2 power supply.
2 X Western Digital 2 tb hard drives, can't find exact model numbers right now.
Intel I7-6700, serial no. 06YY814300938, S-Spec SR2L2
2 X 8 gb Crucial Ballistix X Sport RAM (DDR4 2400MHz PC4-19200 DIMM BLS2K8G4D240FSA)
Corsair Hydro series H100 liquid CPU cooler. (Are these known problems? Recall the salt water smell.)
EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card.
Originally Win 7, now Win 10 Home 64 bit.
Pixio PX 247 monitor, connected to DP Port on graphics card with DP cable.
Wacom One tablet, don't know the model number. Uses a different DP Port on graphics card, connects via an adapter to Wacom's HDMI cable.
Matching Red Dragon gaming mouse & keyboard
Assembled in one of those steel cases that looks like an ammo can.
Bitdefender antivirus.

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