Question Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1070 - LEDs NOT WORKING


Jun 30, 2012
Greetings Folks,

So recently I managed to buy a GTX 1070 for a very cool £280. Brand new, from Amazon. As soon as I put it in and saw the RGB lighting on the card I was eager to test it out. I did the usual. Uninstalled drivers, changed the card. Install drivers and get the latest OC software from Gigabyte. I firstly downloaded the Aorus Software and when I clicked on the LED button, it lets me know that I needed Xtreme Gaming software to control the lighting. "OK" I thought. I installed the software. Clicked on the LED tab and... nothing... Great. From this point, I scoured the internet for a solution and saw that loads of other people have had the same problem. I read loads of different posts and tried ALL the steps including fresh Window10 and using DDU etc. Everything there is to read about this issue I believe I have read it and I still cannot get the colours to change. It just does the rainbow cycle and that it.

I have serious OCD. All my peripherals are logitech and with red LEDs. I even changed my headset from a 7.1 Logitech to a Stereo set just for the colour to match. So I am at my wits end and really hoping for some help.