Question Gigabyte Gaming laptop disconnects from monitor when playing games

Alex Mck

Sep 18, 2013
So recently i decided to set up my gaming laptop to a monitor but for some odd reason the external monitor drops out whenever a game boots up leaving just the laptop internal monitor on. However, as soon as I close the application the external monitor turns back on. I believe this could be an issue with the GPU but I figured a 1060 with 6GB or VRAM should be fine with 1 monitor. Does anyone have any potential fixes for me to try?

A bit difficult to explain what's happening so here a video;

CPU: i7-6700HQ
GPU: 1060M 6GB

If you lower the games resolution low enough it will eventually work on the external monitor.. for like a minute
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i've seen this type of issue before where the external display is connected to a port that is being fed solely by the iGPU.
when starting a game or application that will be using the dedicated GPU the external display will show No Signal or just go black.

but usually a game's engine is launched upon clicking the exe so i would expect the screen to go dark as soon as it was launched.
odd that it waits until the game is trying to render.

if this turns out to be your issue;
how to go about altering these settings can be different with different models so you may need to do some research into these options.

the external monitor drops out whenever a game boots up
try totally disabling the laptop's main display through Settings > System > Display.
have the external monitor as the primary display and see if the games launch as they should.
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