Question Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 temp/fan speed

Dec 14, 2022
Hi guys

I received yesterday a new GB 1660 OC. My previous GPU was a GB 1050ti. I installed the new one and from the very begining I noticed that during gaming it is way more noisy than the previous one.

I tested it with RDR2. I installed Aorus and started monitoring the metrics.
It starts with a 40-45C on idle. Once I load the game and start playing it get sto 80C in about 3-4 minutes max, and stays there.

My pc is (was) rather quite so far and I didn't have any similar problems with my previous card, to think about airflow or something else that might be the cause.

Is this normal/acceptable? Is there a chance that there is an issue with the particular card?

Thank you


Well it is going to try and go as fast as possible unless you set a frame limit in game and/or lower in-game settings or resolution.

83C is the typical throttle point. If you want the overall noise level lower, you are going to have to sacrifice performance by setting a power limit. This will in turn limit max clock speeds.

Now your old GPU could have been a low power 1050Ti at 75W. Others could go up to 120W, which is roughly the same for a stock 1660. This overclocked version might use a little more.

You could take a look at the chassis airflow and see if you can get fresh air to the GPU better, or possibly add additional fans to remove heat more efficiently.
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