Question Gigabyte GT 1030 LP not detected in my Dell Inspiron

Aug 18, 2019
Hi, there, I would appreciate if any one of you out there could help me out on my problem. I've been struggling for solution for a week with no luck.
I have Inspiron 3470 with i3-9100, 8GB RAM, Win 10 installed on M.2 SSD 250GB.
I bought (not from Dell) Gigabyte GT 1030 Low Profile, 2GB GDDR5 that consumes 30W and draws all the power from the motherboard.
The problem is, the graphics card fits perfectly and the fan spins but not detected in the BIOS.
I've tried changed settings in BIOS, especially disabling secure boot and altered many other options relating to this one by one.
I know that Gigabyte GT 1030 suggested PSU to be 300W, and my Inspiron is only about 200W, but I've seen people using similar combinations as mine without any power problems.


In fact, the system settings in the video are almost identical to mine. When I asked him if he has done anything to BIOS, he told me just pluged and played.
I have also updated the BIOS (currently ver. 2.1.3). But still, the fan in the graphics card spins, but not detected in the BIOS (PCI Slots shows empty!!)
I would really appreciate if anyone of you can give me a clue....... Thanks!!