Question Gigabyte GTX 1050ti crashes randomly

Sep 4, 2019
My computer specs:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
8,00GB Single-Channel DDR3
Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. B75M-D3H
S22B300 (1920x1080@60Hz)
Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Gigabyte)
EVGA 450W 80 Plus Bronze 100-BT-0450-K

Before stating my problem with the GPU, I’ll have to note that this rig without the GPU has been working without giving me any critical errors since I built it years ago.

Four months ago I got a GTX 1050ti 4gb for my PC. First week or so of use everything was going smoothly, until one day as I booted the computer no image was displayed, not even the BIOS, but apparently windows was loading normally, since I could hear it and had to wait for it to shut down when pressing the button from the PC case.

I would need to restart sometimes until it started displaying again. When that started happening it caused another problem: when using the computer, doesn’t matter if watching a movie, playing a game or even leaving it idle the display would randomly lose connection, I would hear the windows sound of a driver being disconnect, and some seconds after the connecting sound, but the display stayed as if there was no signal, also disconnecting and connecting the DVI cable wouldn’t work. Thus, the only option was to restart the PC.

Once I restarted the PC, there would be no display at all of it booting or sometimes it would display the boot normally, go to the windows loading part and then load with basic drivers, low res and no colors.
On the windows notification bar there would be a message from the system saying that it failed to load the video drivers.
Uninstalling the driver using DDU usually worked for the PC to turn on normally using the basic windows driver, and then I would wait for the NVidia driver to install itself from the windows update.
Then after it had finished installing it was a matter of time, it could last for long hours or in just minutes after it would crash again. It kinda became a cycle, each time it crashed I tried doing something different, installing other driver versions manually, try different DVI cables, switching the slot that it was plugged on the mobo, using the fresh start option of windows 10 that just reinstalls the OS, booting a clean install of windows from another HDD (in this case it was working fine, then I decided to connect my main disk together and the problem resurfaced, maybe the fact that it was working was just coincidence, but I didn’t test much with this setup) etc. I also tried searching online for someone that had a similar problem, found some threads but to no avail still.

It's been some months tinkering with it, I even upgraded my PSU thinking that the old one could’ve been issue, but nothing really changed. So maybe it's really just a problem with the GPU.

The thing that sort of “triggers” me is that when it's working, there's no heat spike and no visible form of stuttering when playing, it works just fine, so that is why I'm being stubborn with this issue instead of just giving up, at least I would like some closure of knowing that is really just an issue with the hardware and stop trying to make it work. Some sort of troubleshooting and determine what is the problem. If anyone has a suggestion for me to try out that isn’t just to try another GPU I’m willing to give it a go, otherwise I’ll just put this matter to rest