Gigabyte GTX 470 Heat Issue?



I've been trying to find which part is the culprit that makes my new built pc keep reebooting while playing games.

here is my Built:

CPU: i7-930 @2.8 ghz
Mobo: Gigabyte x58-ud3r
Graphic card: Gigabyte gtx 470
Memory: Corsair XMS3 in triple channel, 6gb, 1600 mhz
CPU cooling: Xigmatek HDT-1283s
PSU: HEC Zephir 750 watt
HDD: 2x500gb WD AAKS in Raid 0, OCZ vertex 2 60gb for OS.

Keep rebooting while playing game.

Faulty Mobo, RAM, CPU, Graphic Card, PSU

The corsair memory is good, after 2 hours memtest 86+, no errors, working at rated speed @1600 mhz, 9-9-9-24
Prime95- max temperature: 61C after 2 hours testing, no errors, no crashing
MSI Kombustor with 75% Fan (afterburner): PC reboot after 10 mins, after reboot, immediate test carried, the system reboot immediately.

Now which part is at fault? Graphic card? or PSU? or Mobo?
This PSU is an old psu, The PSU was used with my old built: 2x9800Gtx+ in SLI, Overclocked Q6600 at 3.5ghz, 750sli ftw, everything is stable.
The Mobo's SB heat up around 65C (using HW monitor), some fingerburn when touching the pipe
The GPU heat up around 67 before pc reebot (using MSI combustor)

I played L4d2, for good 30 minutes (Until 3rd stage of the Parish), then Pc reboot without warning, without BSOD, no error messages.

Which part do you guys think should I RMA?


Jun 6, 2009
Yes, This definitely sounds like a PSU issue, It could however be graphics, however I believe this is less likely, This is a common example of a underpower PC, I recommend replacing your PSU with a named brand such as OCZ, Corsair, Antec or Silverstone

If you need recommendations in this case please specify your price range and region of residence(i.e USA)


I'm well aware that PSU can be the factor in this case, but taking into consideration that the same PSU takes 2x 9800gtx+ card before, with overclocked mobo, 3 hardrive, I feel that this same PSU should able to pull a single gtx 470, 2 hardrive + 1 ssd.

Another interesting fact that the system reboot when the temperature hit 67C. Yesterday i did not turn the AC in the room, watching youtube and the system reboot!!! OMG, what the hell???



Oct 9, 2011
My Zotac 470 GTX only reboots at 94 Celsius... (forgot the fan on 10% manual once, took me 3 days to find out why it overheats ;) )
So 67 is fairly cool.
I'd start with replacing the PSU.

PS. I know this is an old thread, Did you solve your problem btw?