Question Gigabyte GTX 970 with the blower cooler


Can anyone tell me a ballpark sale range that these were going for (used) before the GPU craze hit?

I did a quick search on eBay for modern pricing and can't find this specific card. What I am seeing for sale (not sold) seems to be in the $175-200 range give or take some shipping. As I recall the blower cards weren't as popular for obvious reasons.

This card is essentially new as it was completely unused and out of box when acquired. It was installed into a system that has hardly been used, probably doesn't even need a cleaning. I have a situation where it might be best to work a trade with someone that wants an iPad I have. Since we are both working with items that have seen insane price jumps even in the used market we are trying to work from a more workable good deal for both of us level.