Question Gigabyte H310 D3 memory upgrade (i5-8400)

May 15, 2019
Hi, I am looking to upgrade the memory from 8GB Hyperx fury 2133mhz to 16Gb. The board supports up to 2600mhz but there is not much price difference between 2600 and 3200, So if I buy a higher speed memory will it work on this motherboard? Currently, I am looking at Corsair vengeance lpx (3000) and Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB (3200).

Please guide?
The only units which are absolutely guaranteed to work are the kits mentioned in the QVL list, as they have been tested with the board...
But if its not there on the list, does not mean it wont work. Its just not yet tested with the board.

The reason for the above disclaimer is that, you should know upfront that when you go with anything outside that list, there is always a 50-50 chance. But it does work more often than not.
In this particular case, the 3200mhz or 3000mhz memory will scale down to the max limit of the board which is 2666mhz, as it cannot operate beyond the operating capacity of the board. But since you already have a sick of 2133mhz, it should further scale down to that speed. So, if you already have 2133mhz, there is no point purchasing anything faster as your existing module will limit it, unless you are planning to discard the 2133mhz altogether and install a faster kit.