Oct 13, 2017
please help me i have h410m s2h gigabyte moth.. i need to install windows 7 raw but keyboard and mouse hang and not working when installation start
particulary during choose time and relegion and keyboard language please help me i need this verision .
some important note
1-i install another updated version of windows 7 work fine but i need raw one
2-i use gigabyte windows image tool but not work
3-i downolad some usb3 driver and using dsim cmd tool but not work

any one have any idea to install windows or have usb3 driver to this moth... beacuse i enter gigabyte site of motherborad but no driver usb3
Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, not for ISO downloads and not for ANY kind of updates including driver updates. Most hardware manufacturers no longer offer updated Windows 7 drivers either. I would highly recommend that you install Windows 10, and then plug in your Windows 7 product key when asked for it. Any other option is going to leave you highly vulnerable to security problems and almost no new hardware is going to work properly anymore on Windows 7 as driver development is non-existent at this point. This OS stopped receiving updates, even via the WSUS offline update and 2021 rollup options don't work anymore.

Unless somebody has an unofficial method of updating that I haven't heard about that STILL works or is a brand new work around, Microsoft has officially killed off the use of this OS.