Gigabyte HD 7850 Screen signal on/off


Jan 7, 2013
Hello all, first time here so go easy on me!
I currently run an ga-990fxa-ud3 mobo with AMD FX 8120 setup with 8GB DDR3, an OCZ 60gb SSD for my System, and a 128gb OCZ SSD for my Data.
I used to run the XFX Radeon 6850 but due to past overclocking it needed to be retired! I ended up buying a Gigabyte HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 that was opened but never touched and sold for a good deal.
After putting it into my system, everything went all and it detected it on my MAG Innovision monitor's 1440x900 resolution off of DVI to DVI. Once I installed the ATI Radeon drivers, though, the system would restart and after logging in would instantly freeze and go from No Signal to a frozen frame of my computer, even sometimes crashing the computer and forcing me to restart
I checked my PSU recommendations for my setup and I still had a PSU that was higher than what was recommended, so I ruled out that, but I just don't understand why that's happening.
On a side note I had a GTS 250 I installed on my family's older computer (straight off my friend's gaming rig, so I know it worked) that did the same issue.

I might be stupid but I searched around Google and saw no answer, and I've tried a lot but open to anything :/
Thanks all!


Mar 9, 2010
I am actually having a very similar problem with the HIS version of the 7850. started a few days ago with the the screen getting no signal every once and a while, kept getting worse, and today I started it and a few seconds after windows started it just rapidly switched the signal on and off (fast enough that the screen wouldn't quite come back on before it lost signal again).
Starting in safe mode I do not have this issue, and I do not have this issue after uninstalling the ATI drivers and just using the default windows ones. but as soon as I reinstall the ATI drivers it starts right back at rapidly on/offing.

I'm hoping it is driver related and not broken hardware, help would be greatly appreciated.