Gigabyte HD4650 agp on k7n2 - poor performance


Sep 15, 2009
I recently bought Gigabyte HD4650 , agp interface, and installed it on a MSI k7n2 mo. The card performs poorly in relation with the previous card I had, a nvidia geforce6600 gs. The cpu is AMD xp2000 , clock runs OC at 145 MHz. 1gb RAM, kingston PC3200. Any ideas?
Frankly, any AGP card (heck, any card really) will be badly bottlenecked by you're CPU, which is beyond obsolete.

Really, beyond the internet, that comp isn't running anything at any resolution, period.
145 MHz? I hope there ewas supposed to be a decimal point and a G in there somewhere. The reason it performs so poorly is that its drivers have slightly higher overhead, not a significant issue on modern system, but a very significant issue when your CPU is going that slowly. You can get a vastly superior system for only $500 that will actually let you play modern games.