News Gigabyte Just Dropped the Best RTX 3080 Laptop Deal We’ve Ever Seen

If you’re tired of waiting for RTX 3080 stock, this is a great choice and you’re getting a great laptop too.
If someone were waiting for a 3080 for their desktop system, then it should be noted that this laptop "3080" isn't going to come anywhere close in terms of performance. You obviously can't pack the performance of a desktop card drawing upward of 320 watts into a laptop design drawing less than a third of that power. Not only does it not even use the same graphics chip as the identically-named desktop part, which has almost 42% more active graphics cores, but it's also clocked lower. The net result is hardware that typically performs more like a 3060 Ti, not a 3080. The desktop 3080 can often be around 60% faster, so it's deceptive marketing for Nvidia to put the same model number on an entirely different mobile part.

In any case, anyone comparing this system's hardware against similar-performing desktop hardware should be comparing it against the 3060 Ti. If one were considering roughly that level of graphics performance in a complete, portable package, it might be a decent alternative given the current price-gouging going on with graphics cards. But even with the inflated GPU prices, you're not really saving anything over a similar or slightly better performing self-built desktop system, which would also be capable of future upgrades. And adding this level of graphics performance to an existing desktop system would cost far less, even at the current marked up prices from resellers. So it's not really what I would consider a "great choice" for anyone just looking for a card.

Alvar "Miles" Udell

Apr 1, 2020
"How is it still this cheap!?"

Because it's not? It's $2499.99 but has a $500 mail in rebate which gives you a prepaid card that must be used in 6 months, and since you have to remove the UPC from the box you can't return it, and if anything goes wrong you have to deal directly with Gigabyte.

"With a screen refresh rate of 60Hz, this is not fully intended to be a gaming laptop"

But a console which cuts resolution to hit 60fps is a gaming console?