Question Gigabyte M32Q Gaming Monitor, my eyes hurt terribly

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Jan 2, 2023
Good afternoon earlier I had a Samsung 223 BW monitor, 21.6", 1680 x 1050 pixels. I could work at it for 8-12 hours and had no problems.
Recently I bought a 32" Gigabyte M32Q Gaming Monitor, 2560x1440 pixels, IPS and after 24 hours of use my eyes are watery as if they were filled with sand and watching content feels like heat all over my body.
I have read tons of forums and tried to change the monitor settings in a variety of ways. First, changed the resolution of the monitor to a lower one (but it was blurry), then tried to set the color gamut as the old monitor (but without professional equipment is very difficult to do), tried to adjust the RGB palette / contrast, it did nothing, read the instructions to the monitor (bought a large table, I bought new lighting in the room, again, did not help. I bought glasses with a blue filter (although the monitor implements this technology, but the glasses themselves hurt my eyes), and it is impossible to work in them.
To clarify, the monitor Samsung 223 BW, 21.6" has a shim, but it does not hurt my eyes, in Gigabyte M32Q Gaming Monitor does not have a shim, but my eyes hurt like hell.
Please tell me if anyone has had problems with this monitor? For a monitor there is a separate program on a PC with a huge number of settings and all kinds of technologies to improve and protect, can this be a response of the eyes to any new technology? Or is it a reaction of the eyes to a high resolution 2560x1440.
I came across tests for older monitors, according to which they can be tested. Maybe there are some professional tests for more modern monitors, so you can find out what exactly react to your eyes or maybe there are clear algorithms and techniques, advice on how to adjust your monitor to the lighting and your eyes (because my LED chandelier from Xiaomi set to warm sunlight) so as not to be such sad consequences for the eyes. I've tried almost everything, but I'm not familiar with all the Gigabyte technologies implemented in this monitor so I might have missed something.


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can this be a response of the eyes to any new technology?
Yes and that you're now seeing a different panel with a different resolution. It could also be due to the fact that your room's ambient lighting is either improper or inadequate to flush your eyes with light.

To keep one thing in mind, not everyone will respond the same way as you...I had a similar experience when moving from a 17" 720p squared panel to a 23" 1080p wide angle panel though my watery eye session was short. I also paid a visit to my ophthalmologist to see if my eyes were changing powers and surely enough I needed glasses and some drops(and proper illumination in the crib where I was computing).
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