Question Gigabyte M32qc artifacting/glitching/ghosting

Title says it. Got this monitor in September and loved it. Decided last night to fire up call of duty ghosts. Need to test it in some other titles, but hadn’t really played many other fps games on it. Although as I think about it I was playing Gotham knights I noticed it a bit also.


Ryzen 5800x
AsRock ab350 pro 4(latest bios)
32gb ddr 4 3200 trident z 4 8gb sticks
Corsair rmx 850x
Samsung 960 evo
2 1tb sata ssd drives
1 2tb ssd
Arctic cooling 240mm aio
4 case fans

Don’t have a video of it, but the video as you stand is clear and picture is good if you aren’t moving. When you begin moving around you can see trails as though the panel can’t keep up even though it’s a 165hz monitor.

Have tried

-making sure gpu is connected with 2 Power cables
-new DisplayPort cable, specifically a new Ivaky certified cable from Amazon
-multiple dp ports on card
-Trying various overdrive settings on the monitor such as picture quality, balanced, speed etc
-adjusting gamma settings up
-turning up color vibrance settings
-adjusting blank level settings
-turning freesync off
-lowering refresh rate to 144 and 120hz, this is a 165hz screen so it should at least be capable of 144hz.

If I turn on something slower paced like world of warships or mount and blade bannerlord it’s fine for the most part, though I do get occasional flickering in the latter.

When I got the monitor I don’t remember a lot of reviews. As I looked for solutions on specific things I came across discussions where it appears other people had similar issues. At my wits end and probably just going to sell it and buy another monitor.

From what I’ve seen online it appears this is semi common on larger VA monitors.

Thinking of getting a 27 inch IPS screen.

A few options are

If I want to stay with 32 inch I can go this way


I did limit my search to IPS but feel free to look and see if you see any others that are better. Just thinking of going the microcenter route so I can put a warranty on it and I can simply return it if the monitor acts weird since I’m fortunate to have microcenter about 40 minutes away and many times pass it on my way from work.

Or is there possibly any setting I’ve missed on my existing monitor? I just feel I’ve tried almost everything and am starting to get disgusted with the gigabyte monitor.

Thanks for reading.
Started playing more with it and I think I’ve got it to an acceptable level. I’ll keep an eye on it. Tweaked overdrive settings. But I think what really seemed to make a difference was that I'd turned on scaling to 125% in Windows for slightly larger text which I didn't realize could possibly affect games. Anyway after turning that off and tweaking a couple of other settings it seems to be acting better at least to the point where I'm not annoyed as much with it. I'll keep an eye on it and see how I feel about it and can always pick up another display later but I think this may have hopefully resolved it. I actually played through a level or two of call of duty ghosts, which was the game that was affecting the most.


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