Gigabyte Mainboard temp. reading


Apr 30, 2007
Hi there
I have a Gigabyte 945P-S3 rev3.3 with the latest BIOS (from the box) which is I found in the gigabyte website with a C2D E6420 with a stock intel cooler and a heat paste normally applied..normal voltages and speed and no overclocking at all...

All I wanted to ask is that :-
Is there any error in reporting the CPU temp form that board as I get the main CPU temp 41 and I have the Intel Thermal analysis tool and Everest both inside windows giving me core temp as 31 C, 32 C ??!?! as the CPU temp should be lesser that that of the cores ... is there any problem in here ? and how to fix it ?? I already have the latest BIOS installed in the mainboard ...

AS I thought this might be a temp sensor issue to reverse the CPU and core temp...could this be possibel ??

And on which temp should I depend ? is the temp reading from TAT is from the CPU itself or also from a MB sensor ? i.e Can I consider it the one on which I can depend if the main MB sensor is reading falsly ??? Thanks in advance..