Question Gigabyte mobo /fan compatibility problem


Oct 31, 2012
Hy everyone, I'd appreciate your help..

My old motherboard blew. Machine was completely dead: no screen, no beeps, only ancillary fans. It was an AM3+ armed with an AMD FX-8120. MB: Gigabyte GA-970-DSP3, ver. 1.1. Also, due to some fiddling I managed to blow the CPU too: at first during testing it would get nice & hot, then later it was cold. I know... smart. But I was grounded..

Anyway, I decided to swallow my pride and keep it simple: no big upgrade, just minimal $$$ to replace what was broke.

So I bought a new MB, identical, but v.2.1 was all that was avail. Same exact specs, looks the same. The different versions were probably nothing more than a BIOS upgrade - it is a 7yo mobo, after all. The 8120 I replaced with an 8350, also careful to stick with AM3+.

Problem: both the stock fan and my old Thermaltake cooler from the older (same model) motherboard will not fit! I have no way to cool the CPU to test everything.

Q: Is there a fan mount kit / other fan you can recommend so I can use this mobo / cpu combo?
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