Question Gigabyte MotherBoard Not detecting HDDs in Bios. Please help I’m so mentally drained:(

Dec 31, 2019
I had a lot of issues with my gpu which involved me switching a lot of cables between 2 psu which I think caused the issue. When I boot my pc I load instantly into bios but it’s not detecting my HDDs

Things I’ve tried:
Resetting bios
Flashing bios
Resetting cmos
Different sata cables going into the psu
Plugging just one or the other one in
Trying different slots on motherboard

Things I haven’t tried:
Other psu with the hard drives
Different sata cables that plug into the motherboard not the psu cables
Trying to repair the HDDs if they are damaged

Other info: I am on a tight budget but I don’t want to go buying all new HDDs and starting over from scratch if they are repairable or that’s not the problem.

I am so mentally drained from this and extremely tired, any help or feedback would be appreciated.

Full Specs-
Rtx 2060
Gigabyte B250M Gaming 3
16gb ram
Corsair Cx 650 W bronze
WD Blue 1tb
Xbox 360 S Hard Drive (yes don’t judge it gets the job done big time)
Dec 31, 2019
If you used cables from a different PSU , you most likely damaged the board and HDD's, and hopefully nothing else. You should only use cables that come with the PSU.
First of all, thanks for the feedback. Is there a significant way to tell if the mother board is damaged? I didn’t change any of the main power connectors or cpu connectors just interchanged the sata cables connecting to the hard drives. I had a feeling that that was the reason. The GPU, CPU and ram all runs perfect. So will I need to get all new HDDs or do you think it’s possible to fix them or at least recover the info? Anything you recommend trying?