Question Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Display Port on Second Monitor "Not Detected"

Nov 12, 2019
So here how it started: I got a new 1660 Ti for my pc, and connected my two monitors. Primary monitor is connected via HDMI and secondary is a TV connected with DisplayPort. The first 2 months everything was fine, apart from the fact that everytime I booted my PC, for some reason the Logo screen of the motherboard would startup on the secondary monitor, and then would proceed to load the log in screen on the primary one. One day, out of the blue, the DP stopped being detected. The motherboard logo screen appears in the primary monitor, I get the "No Signal" message on the TV, and it is not shown in either the display settings of Windows 10 or the Nvidia Control Panel. Here's all the things I tried so far:

  • The classic solution of "unplug everything for 5-10 mins and replug only the problematic monitor". This has a little effect because the motherboard logo appears on the DP logo, but after that the monitor stays on black screen, and is not detected again.
  • Updated drivers, both through Nvidia Experience and manually (Clean install).
  • Checked if the monitor was problematic by connecting the HDMI cable, and it runs normally as a primary one.
  • Connected the DP cable on the main monitor (No Signal).
  • Tried the other two DP outputs of the Graphics Card (No Signal).
  • Restored the system to previous date were it worked.
  • Formatted the PC.
  • Updated BIOS.
  • Changed multi display option on BIOS.
  • Rigorous Display Detection.
  • Windows Display Detection.
  • Tried another cable.
  • Changed Power Options to Maximum Performance.
  • Changed Power Management Mode in Nvidia Control Panel to "Prefer Maximum Performance".
  • Turned off Sleep Mode on both monitors.
  • Repositioned Graphics Card in both same and different slots.
  • Prayed and cried.
If anyone has a suggestion, any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks in advance.