Question Gigabyte r7 260x


Jun 29, 2018
Hello everyone, the most helpful PC Builder ever,

my second thread. I've been playing nba 2k17 for 2 years now.. And i have this problem where the game goes alt-tabbing, sometimes causing BSOD and my memory clock just go down to minimum. I tried every driver i could find, stock driver (the one i get when buying the GPU), crimson, adrenalin. Nothing helps.

Here's the scenario/symptoms:
  1. When i play 2k (mycareer), the game hangs (sound still going for couple secs), then it goes alt-tab, then game closed itself.
    1. Depends on which driver i installed, on crimson/adrenalin, it lets me play again, then symptoms occure again
    2. On stock driver AMD Catalyst Center? When it trigger, the memory go down and it locked to minimum until i restart.
  2. Theres this trick months ago, and ive been successful twice, the game have been running very smooth flat 60fps. Then idk what happens, it goes to look like my gpu cant handle it:
    1. On some area of the field where vision is kinda limited (i dont see the third ref), the fps goes up, then when (maybe) it renders the 3rd ref, fps go 20ish.
    2. I kept playing until the alt-tab memory clock occure, game closed, etc. I opens the game again, then plays, it occure for 2 or 3 times then goes to BSOD. After that, game runs very smooth 60fps for (idk) couple months? then symptoms occure again, tried it for second time, success. Then now it happens again, I stuck ran out of option, no result, no BSOD aswell.
I've tried down clocking the core clock, tweak video setting, even now i play on low-medium no crowd but no result, before i was playing all medium-high. Here's attached the log from gigabyte OC GURU II. Just scroll down to last 20 rows(?) Look closely, when that happens, gpu temps is not on peak (in the middle of game, it goes 84) then when the game alt-tabbing, it was 83. But i noticed the memory clock is down to 600, and aint coming back up (currently using stock driver) until restart.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4
GPU: Gigabyte r7 260x v2
RAM: Ripjaws 4GBx2
Mobo: Some random chinese brand (jetway? hybrid DDR3, DDR2)
PSU: BeQuiet 500w

Thanks in advance bro
*sorry for the bloody english, not my native language

LOG on pastebin
Initial Early Game:
Date TimeGPU Clock(MHz)Memory Clock(MHz)GPU Temperature('C)FAN Speed(RPM)

11-02-2019 23:21:079635000602350
11-02-2019 23:21:109685000602354
11-02-2019 23:21:139705000602366
11-02-2019 23:21:169585000612358
11-02-2019 23:21:199805000612358
11-02-2019 23:21:228905000602353
11-02-2019 23:21:259335000592357
11-02-2019 23:21:2811325000662353
11-02-2019 23:21:3111765000672349
11-02-2019 23:21:3411875000672349
11-02-2019 23:21:3711875000682348

Mid Game and peak temp:
11-02-2019 23:38:2211885000842344
11-02-2019 23:38:2511885000832348
11-02-2019 23:38:2811885000832348
11-02-2019 23:38:3111885000832344
11-02-2019 23:38:3411885000842348
11-02-2019 23:38:3711885000842348
11-02-2019 23:38:4011885000842348
11-02-2019 23:38:4311885000842348
11-02-2019 23:38:4611885000832348
11-02-2019 23:38:4911885000832344
11-02-2019 23:38:5211885000832344

Moments during alt-tabbing:
11-02-2019 23:42:1111865000832347
11-02-2019 23:42:1411885000842348
11-02-2019 23:42:1711885000842343
11-02-2019 23:42:2011885000842343
11-02-2019 23:42:2311885000842347
11-02-2019 23:42:2610045000792355
11-02-2019 23:42:2911085000812328
11-02-2019 23:42:3211325000812347
11-02-2019 23:42:351188600802351
11-02-2019 23:42:381188600802343
11-02-2019 23:42:45315600742355
11-02-2019 23:42:48300600692343
11-02-2019 23:42:51300600672352
11-02-2019 23:42:54300600662344
11-02-2019 23:42:57300600652340
11-02-2019 23:43:00300600652348