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Question Gigabyte RMA Says: "No Trouble Found After Tests With Multiple Configurations"... Now What?

May 28, 2020
Last month I began to upgrade my system. The current mobo I have is from an ASUS CM1855 and the USB 3.0 ports are failing. Money is tight right now and I am not ready "move up" just yet so, I purchased a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P rev. 2.0 on eBay. It was listed as "refurbished".

When it arrived I seated my CPU and RAM into it, attached the power supply and HDD and got NOTHING. The fan on the PSU did not even spin-up when I plugged in the AC cord. I did double-check all the internal I/O connectors for the power button, HDD lights, etc. and they were correct according to the manual. There were no bent pins on the CPU.

I swapped out the PSU for an older known-good Thermaltake 430W PSU and got the same non-results.

I decided to check with Gigabyte to see if, in fact, the mobo was a refurb. According to the representative the mobo had NEVER been back to the factory so it was a new, still covered by the warranty mobo. Being that I was not into it for a lot of coin, I opened an RMA and sent it to California.

Last week the results were available online and they couldn't find any issues with it. This means that I must have missed something in my initial attempt to set it up. But what might I have missed?

Since sending it in on the RMA I have purchased a 600 power supply:
Apevia Jupiter 600W and a Western Digital Green SATA III SSD 1TB.

Here is the hardware I am working with:

AMD FX-4300
GPU: ASUS Phoenix GeForce 1660ti OC Edition
RAM: Patriot Viper DDR3, 1600MHz 4x8GB
SSD: WD Green 1TB

It's all going into a new case an EVGA DG-75.

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated, I would like to have a sort of head start before the motherboard arrives back home to me.



Motherbd possibly shorting out to the case?
This time assemble it out of the case, You only need the motherbd, Cpu & cooler, 1 stick of ram, PSU, & GPU
(I would use an older low power one if you have one)

I gather this motherbd does not have a built in speaker?