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Aug 13, 2019
Hello so in december last year(2018) i built my first pc, (RTX 2070, MSI X370, HYPERX 2666mhz 16gb(8x2), Ryzen 3 1300x) and the problem is that i got over to my home country where i do not live so i didnt have a pc here so i just brought with me the main parts, GPU, MOBO RAM CPU AND MEMORY, and the case a psu did i buy when i came gere a bought a CHIEFTEC GPE-700s 700w power supply, and one day when i was playing, the Screen just went black and windows was still running, so i tried to restart it and i wont turn on, thats when i saw, that it was a consistent light over the power input on the gpu. EZ DEBUG LIGHTS over 24pin power connector on the mobo was also ligght up, so the first thing i did was to unwire the whole computer and rewire it, result? noting. I thought the PSU was the problem bcuz it didnt have a 80plus certificate(i didnt notice that) so i bought one that had the 80 + certificate, (SILENTUM PC L2 VERO, 600w psu) i got it and then i installed it in my pc, alle the wires where double check if they are connected, and i tuned it on and nothing, black screen, but i have noticed that the light over my gpu power connector is now blinking what says it is abnormal power supply, i cleared cmos, i took out the 1 of the 2 RAMs and trued that nothing happen, so i switched the gpu to another gpu port(dont remember the name of these type of ports:) and i plugged it in and it worked i turn on fortnite and forgot to say that all fans in my pc are running on MAX speed so i can have the lowest possible temps, (CPU IS AIRCOOLED), 15 minutes later the same thing happen black screen nothing i tried the same thing again where i put the gpu back and the switched it back to the place and this time i couldnt make it work, i am worrued that my components got damaged by that shit psu without 80+ cert. Any advice? Please i need help!!
Yes, CHIEFTEC PSUs should be avoided like a plague. Very poor and low-end quality PSUs. Not to be used on any GAMING PC though. Chieftec has inferior quality power supplies.

You shouldn't have used this PSU brand, in the first place.
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