Question Gigabyte RTX 2070 Power Supply Problem

Apr 19, 2019
Hello people,

I recently started having problems with my desktop computer, my setup is:
  • Asus X99 Deluxe
  • i7 5820k w/ water cooling
  • 32 GB ram ddr4
  • RTX 2070 Gigabyte Windforce // Previous Gainward GTX 970 Phoenix
  • PSU V750 Cooler Master
So, several weeks ago I started having trouble with my old GPU the 970, while playing some video games the pc would shut down, after some weeks the GPU stopped working completely therefore I bought a new one thinking it was just the problem of the GPU dying.
Now I am having the same problem with a brand new RTX 2070 only difference is that this model does have LEDs to signal for power supply problems. Last night after a crash the PC would not fully turn on again (CPU cooler was running but not GPU fans or case fans for example) and the GPU power LEDs were blinking.

I hence had the PSU tested by a technician as this looked like the most likely cause of the fault but the PSU is fine. I am waiting for the delivery of a new PSU but now the computer is working fine and there seem to be no problem. I did not try gaming yet and I do not know if I should or if it could ruin my hardware...

Any suggestions? I would not know where to look for problems anymore....Also what would be the best way to test for problems? as they only happend under load and as I just broke a GPU probably this way I would not like to break another...

The GPU says its a power problem but power supply seems fine, temperatures are also fine, always keep them below 65 C for both CPU and GPU with some fan work. What could be the problem here?


If the system reboots when you tax the system, it's often the PSU that is the culprit or you have a thermal(heating) issue. Might I ask what the new PSU's make and model is? Going for wattage alone doesn't solve the issue and all brands may be reputed but they have ranges in their lineups to cater to budgets, often times that isn't good since that leads to bad units in the lower price bracket.