Question Gigabyte RTX 2080 high temps (used to be fine before)


May 16, 2014
So back when I still had the card relatively new, the temps wouldn't go above 60c at full load, with the fan speed running at about 70% speed. However to my dismay I have now noticed that my GPU even goes as high as 80c under full load (and thats with the fan speed being about 90% mind you since I increased the speed in an attempt to remedy the issue. Not much luck so far)
I have tried to fix it by disassembling the card, cleaning out the old thermal compound and replacing it with a fresh layer, yet the issue still persists. I have also thoroughly cleaned the heatsink and the fans to the best of my ability to no avail. I am using the Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition case so I highly doubt airflow is the issue either. I could really use all the help I can get here as honestly I'm just out of ideas by now. Not to mention the fact I am planning to sell the GPU once my RTX 3080 arrives since I pre ordered it and I can't just sell a faulty GPU to someone. Please help.
There might be an issue with contact (between GPU die and Heatsink).
Check if the paste is spread, it should not be thick (or excess paste onto GPU die) if you put on cooler normally and remove it.
I had issue with my current RX 580, soo I've put some spacer and tightnen it a bit harder (not too much).