Question Gigabyte RTX 2080 Windforce x3 8gb (non oc) is under-performing for no apparent reason ?

Jul 25, 2021
My gpu has being running flawlessly the past few months, the problem arrived when I updated MSI Afterburner which also updated RTSS newest version which crashed all the games. Then I did a fresh windows install because I wanted to change from my old boot drive and fixed the RTSS problem by downloading an older version. Now, problem is that I cant nearly go as high in my overclocks which where 115 in core and 1000 in memory with max temps of 82 in warzone, now if I try more than 80 in core anything will crash, so I tried changing my overclocks to default and starting the overclocking process all over again with 3dMark, and comes out that im 2000 points behind the average, with low overclocks and 76 max temps. Any Help??!!