Gigabyte Wifi Warranty issue - seeking folks with warranty issues

Apr 26, 2019
I've been building computers for 30+ years. My first was an IMSAI 8080.

I bought a couple of Z370N WIFI MBs from Newegg a while back. I built one computer immediately, and the second one a month later.

The second MB had a WIFI that was DOA. I sent it into Gigabyte for repair. They refused it saying it had bent CPU socket pins and wanted $100 to put in a new CPU socket before they would check the WIFI. I got the MB back and I bent the pins into place - now the MB boots no problem. I sent it back to Gigabyte for repair (a second time). They refused a second time saying the pins still looked bent to them. I reminded them I had no issue MB booting with a CPU and there was no real problem. They still refused. It occurs to me they're doing this to avoid the cost of repair.

I can boot the MB no problem with multiple CPUs. They are just getting out of their responsibility.

If you've had any issues with Gigabyte's warranty service, PM me, I'm putting together a class action against them.



Good luck on initiating a class action lawsuit. I don't believe this scenario is sufficient to establish such an action.

Physical damage is typically not covered under warranty.

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