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Question Gigabyte X570 gaming X no post - Alternative motherboards?

Jun 21, 2020
Hi guys,

I got a PC built a month ago with the following specs:
Gigabyte x570 Gaming X
Ryzen 7 3700X
G.Skill F4-3200C 2x16gb Ripjaws 3200mhz
Sabrent Rocket 500gb NVMe SSD
Palit GT710 2gb DDR5 (Idea is to save up for RTX..just needed the HDMI)
Super Flower 750W 80 Plus Silver PSU
Fractal Design Focus G - ATX tower

So on friday I had a no-post issue, which upon reading up on it on this forum and others seem to happen an awful lot with the x570 motherboard. The symptom I had was the following:
  • Everything worked find then friday morning on start-up black screen with flashing dash in left top corner...restarted PC again and since then totally black.
  • CPU LEDs come on, CPU fans are on (but would dim every few seconds for a split second), case fans come on but that's it, Monitor shows no connection to PC
  • No beeps on start up at all.
  • No LED warning lights on motherboard as I don't think the Gaming X has any?
Got in contact with supplier and did the following trouble shooting:
- Removed Ram sticks alternating between them but not change.
-Removed SSD and restarted, tried to get into BIOS pressing del, but nothing
-Cleared CMOS, removed the mobo battery, pressed the PC start button and held it for 30 seconds, put battery back - no change.

The courier's will pick up my PC tomorrow and take it back to the place I bought it from and since it's a new build it's all still covered but here's the issue:

I don't think I want another x570 motherboard (sure it could be PSU, CPU all sorts of things) - it seems like an uncanny number of people are having these issues (especially with the 3700x CPU) and I simply don't know enough about PCs to troubleshoot and remove components and struggle with something like this. By not having the PC i'm losing money, I don't even have any games installed I just need something that works and which I can do CAD work on. Now granted, this could just be a dud motherboard, but I'm afraid that if they do replace the motherboard this whole thing could happen all over again.

Is there perhaps an alternative, solid motherboard I can use with this CPU? I don't need overclocking I just need something that doesn't break or doesnt have a ton of knows issues like the no-post I've been reading up on about this x570.

Apologies for the rambling, but I'm slightly lost and feel helpless when something I spent a lot of money on breaks, while my 7 year old crappy i5 media PC is running like a monster, no frills, no BIOS conflict no nothing.

Any help or suggestions are super appreciated.
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