Review Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master Review: Silencing the Master

Jul 31, 2021
Why the three gigabyte motherboards perform in the 80k point range in 7zip compression test, and the other boards in the 88k-91k point range?
There is a big 10% percent difference. Where does it come from?


Aug 4, 2019
More informative article would be a point-by-point comparison with the x570 Aorus Master--which btw is completely silent even with the PCH fan (I don't believe I have ever heard it during the last two years of operation!) I would still choose the plain Master--but the extra NVMe port is nice--still, I like having two LAN controllers (versus 1 in the S) and I especially like the mechanically switched dual-bios in the regular Master! I won't buy a motherboard without those mechanical switches!
Oct 9, 2021
Just bought the Arorus Master x570S fanless revision. It was expensive but i now finally have PCIE 4 across the board and i now get the full speeds of all my usb's / M.2's and SSD's
transfer rates for example between the 4 M.2's average between 1.4gbs to 1.9gbs and even my USB type c RAID 0 box with 2 SSD's will consistently transfer 2 separate batches of files at the same time at well over 400mbs each making a usb throughput in excess of 800mbs. 270gb of stuff took just a few mins to throw across.
The only downside to all this speed and unleashed performance is the increased graphics card idle temps as ALL the 4 M.2's sit under a cooling plate directly under the graphics card slot.