Review Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master Review: Fully Equipped, Under $500


Aug 4, 2019
As the owner of an AM4 Aorus Master, I have to say I was very disappointed by this AM5 Aorus Master. Very disappointed. Here are a few things I've noticed when perusing the Gigabyte site and looking at the feature set. (Please let me know if I've missed something here...!)

1) No backpanel Clear CMOS button--gone! I've used it a lot on the x570 Master. Why would GB think that people might actually prefer opening up the case and setting a jumper for every Clear CMOS? Huge step backwards.

2) Dual bios, mechanically switched, on the AM4 Master--Gone in the AM5 Master. That was a compelling feature for me.

3) The AM5 Master has the same audio codec as the AM4 Master--but GB has removed the hardware SABRE DAC, along with the hardware headphone amp. Result is inferior headphone sound compared to the AM4 Master, by a healthy margin.

4) The AM5 Master loses a Lan port, but gains an extra .M2 slot, compared to the AM4 Master. That's a wash, or maybe better than the AM4, depending on your point of view.

5) Last but not least, the AM4 Master is an ATX mboard while the AM5 Master is an E-ATX, so I'd need a new case for it on top of everything else.

There are a few more obvious deficiencies when compared to the AM4 Master, but those are the main ones that I recall. The Kicker? To get the feature set I love about the AM4 Master, I would have to swing for the $800 Aorus Xtreme! That's really pathetic Gigabyte.

It all makes sticking with AM4 a bit longer a much more attractive proposition...;)


Dec 24, 2005
Giving any board a 4 star rating thats $500 is rediculous. This is more exensive than all but ONE CPU that goes in it. And outdated audio codec? Thats just sad on a flagship class board.
To be honest a little disappointed with amd over the am5 launch as a whole. This is from someone who has owned amd products since the late 90s. Just seems with am5, the prices on ram and boards has made their products expensive effectively, at a time when the economy is on a downturn.

Was not aware that the board referenced is using outdated audio. For 500 that board should be the newest and the best you can buy or close to it.

This isn’t related directly to this board but they really need to get a620 boards and cheaper b650 boards, cheaper ddr5, and a few non x cpus. One cpu that would have been an incredible value would have been a 7600x3d. From what I read earlier there isn’t one planned. These companies are trying to survive and I get that, but on a flagship board using outdated tech comes across as greedy.