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Gigabyte Z170N-Gaming 5 will not post


Dec 14, 2016
I have had this computer for about three months, and it has been working perfectly fine until today. I was using it this morning, went away for a while, came back and tried to wake it up from sleep but it did not turn back on. I have reset everything, clear CMOS, removed CMOS, tried one RAM stick, and removed my graphics card (to try to get something through onboard). NOTHING renders anything on my single screen. I have noticed that jumping the power the first time causes no lights on the board but fans power up and everything. It isn't until I clear CMOS, with power on, that the audio light bar in the bottom left of the board lights up. It still does not show anything on screen though.
I am at a loss. the only thing that changed was my monitor, I just received my 144hz monitor today. I switched back to my old one as well, just to make sure, still nothing. Did my board just magically fry? Could my CPU have gone bad?
I have ordered a new motherboard from asus, bc i cant afford to have downtime but I would really like to know what the heck happened to literally brick my system..

Any help would be appreciated,


Oct 15, 2016
Start fresh

    ■ Unplug power cord, remove motherboard battery, push and hold case's power button for 5 sec to wipe fail CMOS data, wait 15 min, push and hold case's power button for 5 sec, wait 15 min. The idea is to completely drain capacitors so that BIOS circuity load the factory setting values, plug power cord, do clear CMOS, unplug power cord,
    ■ Reinstate battery, plug, power cord, turn on, if you get POST, enter BIOS, set time and date, save and exit,.

If you don't get POST

    ■ Use self on tester (if comes with PSU), follow the instruction to read each connector output, (A), if checked out as it should, then either motherboard component's faulty or software side conflict (a) or possible other part (I),


    ■ Could be just bad cable, try buy and replace the cable. if after the replacement cable don't work out,
    ■ Contact re-seller or vendor for warranty.


    ■ Take a closer look at your motherboard and find any unusual things (flimsy surface, scratched copper lane, bend CPU socket pin, etc), You didn't tell when the freeze happens, is it right from the start you build or after while.
    ■ Log on to windows, don't run any apps or stop online (if any) updates, use driver removal tool to completely wipe graphic card drivers, this will take you to restart windows, restart, windows will install graphic card with built in driver library, use this (if available) driver and play games, if persist, uninstall windows VGA driver and install original driver, if persist, then it's not graphic card driver conflict faulty.


    ■ Software monitor may give false reading, get good thermal grease such as Arctic MX4, remove CPU and GPU cooler, clean and apply Arctic put back cooler.
    ■ Logon to windows and play game, if still freeze, unplug power cord, touch the GPU and CPU heat sink, they should be very hot make you can't touch 'em, if not very hot, then you'll have power delivering issue with motherboard.
    ■ To verify motherboard power delivering issue use it voltage check point (if available), if no voltage check point then use digital multi meter to read motherboard some reference here and video tutorial with keyword How to check voltage on your computer using multimeter.

At some point power related component reach its life span so one degrading power related component decrease overall power delivering performance exponentially accelerate other components reach its life span.


Dec 14, 2016
I am officially losing my mind. I just received a second motherboard, from ASUS this time, and the computer worked fine on bootup. I left and the comp went to sleep. Tried to wake it up, another mobo bricked.. Please someone help me. This is becoming a very huge problem with no clue as to the issue. The new motherboard will not even give me a response to the power button or clear cmos. Nothing, just NOTHING!
How are 2 motherboards bricked by only adding a new montior? could the usb hub in the monitor be killing it? I dont know how that could be it because it works fine until it goes to sleep.

Please someone actually read this... I am literally going crazy.