Gigabyte Z390 A-Pro new build questions (drivers and utilities)


Sep 13, 2018
Hi All. I received my Z390 Aorus Pro today for my new build and after going on the Gigabyte website I have a couple of questions about drivers + utilities.

I have grabbed the latest BIOS which is literally 3 days old... firstly should I flash as a matter of course on a new build? I've no idea what version is on the board now, but it won't be the latest I am sure, which is the F9b. I am running 2x16Gb@3200Mhz, the new bios says "Support 32GB UDIMM" - what does that mean?

After bios and windows install, which of the drivers and utilities do I need/should I install?

I assume I put everything under "Audio, Chipset and LAN"?

Under "SATA RAID/ACHI" there are three drivers :

  • Intel Optane memory
    Intel® Rapid Storage Technology
    Intel SATA Preinstall driver
Do I need all of these?

Is there any point in putting the VGA driver on there?

Finally there are the utilities, I have no idea what most do or whether they are useful or not, or even detrimental :

  • System Information Viewer / Smart Fan 5
    On/Off Charge
    Auto Green
    USB Blocker
    Cloud Station (PC) (Intel 300/X299 series)
    EZRAID (Intel 300/X299 series)
    Fast Boot
    3D OSD (300/X299 series)
    Platform Power Management (Intel 300/X299 series)
    Smart Backup (Intel 300/X299 series)
    Smart HUD
    Smart Keyboard
    Game Boost
    APP Center
    Smart Survey (Intel 300 series)
    cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator Software
These two I know:

  • RGB Fusion
    @BIOS - won't use this have heard is awful. Will use Qflash for the BIOS.
Any thoughts on which of these I should get or not? Seems unlikely I would need all of them and I have heard that sometimes these kind of utilities can actively interfere or conflict with other software... even with fast PC and lots of space I try never to have too much stuff running if I can help it.

Thanks! Sorry for long post.


Feb 13, 2010
UDIMM (unregistered memory) is a type of memory chip used mostly in desktop and laptop computers. More commonly called unbuffered memory, UDIMMs run faster than RDIMM (registered memory). They cost less, but are not quite as stable as RDIMMs. The DDR memory chips in use today are a type of UDIMM.

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